The LED is currently the most advanced and environmentally friendly solution to bring light into everyday life. Our products are best suitable for commercial buildings, food industry, public transport, shopping centres and public buildings.

Product Features

Professional optical design ensures good lighting effect. Rational structure design results in less dust accumulation and strong self-cleaning ability. Good heat dissipation which has steady performance. Energy saving.


Offices, shops, boutiques, restrooms, parking lots, emergency lights, sports field, construction site, factory, workshop, warehouse, high ceiling building and outdoor applications.

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Office Lights

Reception Lights



Recest Lights

Emergency Lights

Production Plant

Food Lights


Parking Lots

Outdoor Lights

Street Lights

Flood Lights


  • Power must be cut off before installation or repair.
  • Make sure that voltage is within the parameters we provide. Otherwise, the lamp might be damaged.
  • Insulating treatment must be done to the metal head of the power cable before connecting the wire.
  • It’s natural that the surface temperature would be higher to some extent during usage.