Electroseal ESN10S Electro Insulation protects electronic devices and installations from humidity and wet conditions of all kinds.

Product Description

It guarantees the electric conductivity of connection assemblies and contacts even under water, without leading to the otherwise inevitable short circuit. Corrosion is prevented to a very high degree and is even suitable for flexible devices due to its oily consistency.

Based on a new kind of nano-zeolithe-technology with a Temperatureresistance: Fully functional between -20 and +130°C. Long lasting: 1 year+ (Depending on mechanical strain) slightly oily consistency, the coating crawls under rust and oxidations (binds them) and humidity, forming a three dimensional multifunctional protective barrier network at the interface.

Intelligent and dynamic, the coating ensures a water repellent barrier at all time. When components are attached, the coating ‘opens up’ and allows electronic exchange. Detaching components then actions the coating into ‘closing up’ over the newly exposed metal surfaces to prevent short-circuiting.

Product Features

  • Long term prevention of leakage currents and short circuits
  • Safety against electrocution hazard, especially for children
  • Safety against electrocution for workers using electric tools in wet/humid conditions.
  • Dynamic & adaptable contact agent
  • Preventative solution against Corrosion under Insulation (CUI), as the coating builds a barrier against moisture build up beneath the traditional insulation over time.
  • Reduces maintenance, equipment replacement and labour costs.
  • Clear finish of coating allows visual inspection of device.
  • Allows for post-treatment soldering
  • Fast setting time (10 min) speeds up maintenance & installations
  • Free from polycyclic hydrocarbons, fluorinated or chlorinated hydrocarbons, resins, silicones, Teflon and aromatic compounds.


Generally used anywhere where moisture and humidity causes failures.

Adjustable valves, Avionics, Battery contacts, Battery-powered drills, Battery screwdrivers, Battery-powered tools, Boilers (electrical), Hammer drills, Hydraulic pumps, Ignition systems, Illumination lamps, Industrial lamps, Installation relays, Outside sensors, Lamps, LED and OLED lamps, Lights systems, Locks (door locks), Metal cables, Plug strips, Power supplies, Power transformers, Building site lamps, CEE sockets, Chip card readers, Christmas lighting, Coils, Coin counters, Connection terminals, Construction machinery, Control cabinets, Control engineering, Detonators, Distribution boxes, Door Locks, Door operators, Drills, Dynamos, Electric motors, Electrical devices, Electrical door and window, Pumps, Rain sensors, Rainwater pumps, Receivers, Signal systems, Sockets, Spark plugs, Street lamps, Switches (optical & mechanical), Telecommunications, Terminal systems, Thermostats, Timers, Trailer couplings, Transformers, Weather sensors, Winches, Electronic modules, Electrical systems in general, Emergency lamps, Emergency power stations , Fuel systems, Flashlights, Floodlights, Fuse-boxes, Fuses.